Job Prospects

The job market in this province is now beginning to look different.

Although the downturn in oil came more than six months ago, we were not seeing much change in the employment market in this province. That seemed peculiar to those who track this stuff because they knew jobs were disappearing in the oil patch, yet overall employment remained the same or increased.

So, it seemed people were finding work in other fields.

But the latest numbers that came out Friday paint a slightly different picture. Yes we’re seeing jobs disappear in industries that are male dominated – oil and manufacturing. But we also saw increases in other areas so the number of jobs remained the same in April and May. Full-time work declined modestly and part-time increased in May leaving us 5,600 jobs ahead of where we were last year.

What did change, though, is the number of people looking for work…that went up by 4,000.

The best explanation is that two adult, one-income households experiencing a job loss also saw the other person jump into the labor pool.

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