Leading When a Mistake is Public

Recently the Challenge Penticton Triathlon race faced adversity before the long distance race even got underway.

An unfortunate spelling mistake in the word Penticton  showed up as “Pentiction” on the banners that blanketed the event and drew the ire of many locals and those in the promotion printing industry.

Michael Brown one of the co-owners acknowledged the mistake and took responsibility immediately. As leaders we’ve heard this advice but many try to justify and only get deeper into trouble. In this case, what was more surprising was the other businesses in town taking to social media claiming they didn’t do it. One of which was falsley accused as the printer of record for the Challenge race. Not so disturbing was the defence, but more about what was said. Instead of showing empathy and maybe having a little lighter moment they took at run at someone when they were down.

Printers, designers and promoters make mistakes all the time: wrong size, colour and most of all typos. If you want to win the business you didn’t (don’t) have, then take the high road and move things forward. Michael Brown did and now the talk is about Canadian Championships next year and the World ITU the year after.

Who do you think will get a shot at the printing contract for 2016 and beyond?

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