Penticton tops in British Columbia

It is small business week and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business has released its ranking of the most entrepreneurial communities to grow your business. Penticton is tops in BC and second in the nation. Penticton is ranked first in cities under 150,000.

The report examines how 121 Canadian cities/regions foster entrepreneurship. Each is given a grade out of a possible 100 points, based on 14 specific indicators covering three main categories: presence, perspective, and policy.

A notable trend from the report is that suburbs and outlying urban areas are making a strong case for their enhanced entrepreneurial status, much of which relates to lower relative costs of doing business while still maintaining access to large markets.


Top 10 overall scores, mid-sized cities (population < 150,000)

Score: (/100)  Rank In 2014

  1. Penticton                72.7                  14
  2. Grande Prairie        70.9                    4
  3. Collingwood           70.8                    7
  4. Okotoks                 70.2                  25
  5. Brooks                    69.5                    5
  6. Lloydminster      69.4                     1
  7. Swift Current     69.4                      12
  8. Camrose                 67.9                    3
  9. Salmon Arm           67.9                  20
  10. Leamington          67.3                  34

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