It’s About Attitude

It’s About Attitude

Is the glass half full, half empty or just a glass in the process of being filled?

Sometimes, it’s just how you look at it. Or, how you WANT to look at it.

With all the doom and gloom being presented in the media, your stock portfolios fluctuating wildly and every water cooler conversation fraught with fear, it’s easy to fall prey to the notion that we’re headed for a depression like the Dirty Thirties.

But unlike the challenges that faced our grandparents – an unmatched market collapse coupled with a massive decade-long drought – we have plenty more opportunities to turn that thinking off and create a mindset that will set us on the course to growth and continued prosperity. The choice to go doom or boom is ours. And that’s all it is …a choice.

It’s in how you look at things: pessimistically or optimistically. One is not harder than the other, it is just a choice.

Consider this example. It happened just this week with WestJet (WJ) and Penticton.

Sometime late last year WJ announced plans for another daily flight to and from Calgary and Penticton mostly because the success of the current once daily flight and the customers’ need for an early morning option to head east instead of having to head north or west to go east.

Then Boom! The price of oil goes on its ride and we know what has happened since. So WJ re-assesses and decides that they could offer 3 additional flights a week instead of the original 6 as planned.

That should be good news. Correct? Instead, if you scan the headlines of our local media regarding this, here’s what you get:

“WestJet reducing Penticton service slightly”

“WestJet flights in Penticton affected in reduction plan”

“WestJet trims flights between Penticton and Calgary amid oil patch downturn”

“Penticton flights reduced”

“WestJet expands service to Penticton”

Three of these headlines would lead you to believe that there was reduction in service when in fact WJ is going from 7 flights a week to 10 flights a week….an increase.

So as you sit around the next board, executive, sales or staff meeting how will you approach the conversation? You get to choose your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Where do you want to be and where do you want your team to be?

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