Hail the Corporate Geek

Hail the Corporate Geek

In recent years a lot of attention has been paid to strengthening the performance of corporate boards of directors. For example, increased emphasis on governance or financial literacy has become quite common place.

But a position paper published on the thought leadership site Strategy + Business has added a new wrinkle to board composition. They argue that corporations should give serious consideration to adding a Geek to their boards.

The power of technology to advance a company’s market position is quite well recognized. And, a survey of board members by some big consulting firms found that most directors are dissatisfied with the way their companies were anticipating the impact of technology on their enterprises.

So, the answer these writers have come up with is dump the outside technology consultants and move Geeks directly into the board room. This would add new perspectives to the board decision-making process and strategic planning. In fact, they say just as adding one woman to a board did little to address diversity and group think, adding just one geek might not be enough either.

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