Great Bear Paleo Bites Focusing on the U.S. Market.

Great Bear Paleo Bites taking on the U.S. market.

Great Bear Paleo Bites is an Oliver-based food manufacturer, producing coconut nutritional snack cookies that are sold in approximately 400 locations across Canada, supported by their brokerage company Connect Brand Management and via their Canadian distributors: Horizon, PSC Naturals and Ecoideas.  The company moved to Oliver in May, 2013 from Vancouver and set up their own commercial kitchen with the support of Community Futures.  Great Bear Paleo Bites now employs five local Oliver people for their operations.


The cookies are moist, have three flavours and are certified gluten free, vegan and organic.  Additionally, they are low-sugar and free from wheat, soy, dairy, nuts and eggs. They are also considered to be paleo-friendly; a way of eating that seeks to eliminate grains, dairy, legumes and sugar.  The paleo market has been growing steadily over the last five years and notably the demand for paleo snacks.  Ongoing engagement and support from Community Futures provided the initial nudge for Great Bear to explore how to enter the US market via


“We’ve been selling for four months on now and, while it’s a jungle with a steep learning curve, we’ve been successfully working our way through understanding their back-end system, advertising options and the export rules with the US Border Services and FDA,” said Tracy Lydiatt, founder of Great Bear Paleo Bites.  “Being on and using their Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) services has provided a valuable distribution channel to the US market for our company, which is 10x the size of the Canadian one,” Lydiatt shared. “We are now focused on how to leverage our initial success, expand our sales and eventually enter other export markets like Amazon UK and Amazon Germany.”


“Recently, we had the opportunity to move to a better-suited facility and we’re now set up more than ever for our incoming growth.  I continue to be incredibly grateful for all of the amazing professionals we work with and ongoing support from friends, family and our valuable customers!”


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