Turning Her Dream Into A Real Business

Looking to start your career on your own terms is ambitious.


Shae Ayris, of The Anomaly House of Art, located in Apple Plaza Penticton, learned that Community Futures could help her with her dream.

A friend recommended that she contact Community Futures after feeling lost about what to do first, how to get funding and who to talk to about turning her dream into a real business.

Community Futures helped her build a business plan

Through their business workshops, Community Futures helped her build a business plan, showed her how to network and how to find funding through different options.  She utilized everything she learned and started a business at age 24 and credits Nicole Clark, a phenomenal mentor, as well as Community Futures.

The definition of anomaly is “something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected.”  Things that are anomalies are rarities and Shae believes they should be celebrated.  She believes her store is different, an anomaly, and it reflects those people that dare to differ from the rest of society.

The Anomaly House of Art is host to paint nights, craft classes and offers workshops, birthday events and private parties.  Stay tuned as, in the near future, they will be expanding their inventory once again.  After opening four months ago, this small business is becoming highly recommended.

Shae also shared, “I love my job now, I love where I am, and I cannot believe how well things are going for me. Everything I wanted for my career in one neat little package.  For everyone that is looking for a way to start their future right, this is the way to start. If there is any advice I have to give, it is that you have to take big steps in order to get where you want, but you also have to have patience and have respect for the small steps too. Be brave, be smart about your options, and take the time to listen to the people who have had experience. If they are willing to share, listen!”

This article is provided by Community Futures Okanagan Similkameen. Questions about your business? Contact their office at 250-493-2566.

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