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Paul Martin You’ve heard him on the radio, seen him on TV and read him in newspapers and magazines. Paul is a popular keynote speaker on topics ranging from the economy to tapping community potential. His unique blend of communication and business knowledge has made him a highly sought-after consultant. As the Chair of Martin Charlton Communications, Paul is MCC’s ‘go to’ guy for all things business in Saskatchewan. He is the chair of four Saskatchewan branches of TEC (The Executive Committee) – a global organization dedicated to improving the performance and enhancing the lives of CEOs – which has over 50 CEOs and senior executives among its Saskatchewan members. The long and short: Paul knows the province’s corporate community and business economy like few others. He is a potent conduit for anyone looking to do business in Saskatchewan, Canada’s fastest growing economy. His strategic advice is unrivalled.

Having the Inheritance Talk

Having the Inheritance Talk »

5 Feb, 2017
Best Practices

Having the Inheritance Talk


Leaving a little for the kids.


Most of the time, financial talk centres on topics such as

Job Numbers Improve

Job Numbers Improve »

5 Dec, 2016
Business Next Door

Job Numbers Improve

by Paul Martin

The state of the labor market in Saskatchewan improved in November.

The monthly figures on job numbers

Prairie gains

Prairie gains »

10 Sep, 2016
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Picking up the Pace

The worst of the home building drought in the province’s major cities may be over.

The monthly report

Building Surge, Job Chart Steady and a Bump in Commodities

Building Surge, Job Chart Steady and a Bump in Commodities »

9 Aug, 2016
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Building Surge

If the building permits issued by local governments are any indication, the province’s construction industry got a bit of a

  Ups and Downs in New Home Market

 Ups and Downs in New Home Market »

10 Jun, 2016
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Ups and Downs in New Home Market

Both cities are in the province but there is definitely a difference in the markets.

Environment On the Agenda

Environment On the Agenda »

27 May, 2016
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Environment On the Agenda

An interesting debate is emerging in this country over the issue of infrastructure and how to support it.


What Are You Planting?

What Are You Planting? »

26 Apr, 2016
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Taking the Pulse

This is going to be the year of pulse crops in Saskatchewan.

StatsCanada has just released its forecast of seeding

Housing in Saskatchewan getting sorted out.

Housing in Saskatchewan getting sorted out. »

14 Mar, 2016
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New Homes Get Cheaper

It is now five consecutive months that the price of a new home in Saskatoon has fallen.

Fewer buyers

What will you do with an extra 2000 hours a year?

What will you do with an extra 2000 hours a year? »

9 Feb, 2016
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 Working after Retirement

Sometimes the story behind the story is more interesting than the original tale itself. One example is summed up this way:

Oil Still Paying Dividends

Oil Still Paying Dividends »

3 Jan, 2016
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Within a Whisker of $1000

When StatsCan produces its monthly assessment of wage rates – they track the average weekly pay in every